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Charis Bible College offers several non-degreed programs: first year, second year and a third year leadership program for alumni. All programs are divided into three ten-week terms: fall, winter, and spring. Visit our location page for locations and coordinator contact information.

First Year

Through the first-year program, students prepare their hearts by building a solid foundation on the Word of God. This program includes instruction in Relationship with God, Basics of Righteousness, Receiving from God, Old Testament Survey, and many other classes that are intended to root students in the truth.

The focus at Charis is not only to teach truths but also to encourage their application to life. For this reason, students enrolled in the first year are required to volunteer twenty-five hours per term in local ministries as part of their first-year training. Charis students are encouraged to step out into ministry and, in doing so, learn how to operate as the body of Christ.

Upon satisfactory completion of this program, students receive a Certificate of Completion. Students must receive this certificate before entering the second-year program.

Second Year

The second year builds upon the first-year foundation, with a focus on practical application. This program includes instruction in Pioneering Ministries, Making of a Minister, New Testament Survey, Acts: Power for Supernatural Living, and more. Some special features of the second-year program are foreign-based missions trips and Interaction Groups (IAGs), which provide the platform for students to step out into ministry.

Upon successful completion of the second-year program, students receive a Diploma of Ministerial Training and a Ministry License from Charis. Graduates may apply for acceptance into the Leadership Program.

Missions Program

Get your passport ready because missions trips are a vital part of the Charis experience. Every second-year student has the opportunity to see the world in a different way. As part of the secondyear program, students travel the world to minister the Gospel. This is not just an amazing time for the people whose lives they touch, but many students come back with a different outlook on life and ministry, with clear direction for their lives. Wherever your calling takes you, we will help you prepare to have the maximum impact on the world around you.

Charis missions trips are typically between seven and ten days in length and are scheduled during the school year. Locations change from year to year based upon hosts and scheduling restrictions. Previous locations include Russia, Uganda, Kenya, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Nicaragua, India, Thailand, and Belize.

Leadership Program

Upon successful completion of the second-year program, students receive their Diploma and Ministry License. For many, this will fulfill their educational goals. For those who seek to build on the foundation established in the first and second years, we offer a third-year program.

The Leadership Program is designed to facilitate transition into the student's calling, whether that is in ministry, the home, or the marketplace. Students have opportunities to develop skills that will aid them in their chosen area of service as they become involved in many behind-the-scenes components of ministry. Group discussions and mentoring with Charis staff provide insights into life, business, and ministry. All of this is designed to promote the fulfillment of God's wonderful plan for their lives.

Upon successfully completing the Leadership Program, students receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Student Life

Alumni often tell us they miss the rich and fulfilling student life they experienced while attending Charis. They say it wasn't about the many activities and events they attended or participated in, but it was the relationships they built with fellow students.

Warm and intimate classroom settings, small interactive discussion groups, and activities planned around serving others created the environment for complete strangers to become close, personal friends. Whether drinking coffee in the breakroom or ministering in third-world countries on a missions trip, friendships of a lifetime were established.

Charis attracts like-minded people of all ages, from all walks of life. Some are right out of high school, some are retired, and others are successful businessmen and -women seeking new direction in life. Some are newlyweds or brand-new parents, and others are grandparents. The diversity of our student body makes Charis a unique family unit anyone can feel at home in.

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