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Charis Bible College Atlanta
Students tell about their Charis Bible College experience:

·         Theology is the study of God, but at Charis you will learn relationship with God and how much God loves you.  Coming to Charis, I actually fell in love with God.     EY
·         At Charis, I learned how to have a relationship with God.  Prior to that I knew how to work for God, now I know to let the Lord work through me.  But the greatest thing I have learned is Love.     RH
·         The teaching I received here at Charis has given me peace of mind.     MH
·         You will be impacted in ways you never imagined. You will be changed for eternity, and then God can take that, what He has put in you, and work it out through you to impact other people.     SK
·         You get continual awesome instruction from the is like taking the best moments of the best sermons you have ever heard and packing them into one huge three hour session and it is not just one night that this happens, it is every night.     DS
·         Since beginning at Charis, the Word of God has really come alive in my life.     SG
·         ...everything we learn totally is just filling us with the love that God has for us and that's what's changing my life.     LM
·         I am getting more insight and understanding and I am seeing more and more of God's works through me.     JW
·         Charis is showing us who we are in Christ and the ability we have inside us.     JG
·         I love it here because it is a safe place.     MH
·         It is a great learning environment that allows you to grow and teaches you how to deal with any issue that has come against you in your life, and that allows you to heal.     AP
·         It has not only changed my life but it's changed my husband's life and I see how that is transforming my family and it has given me purpose in my life.     MY
·         I've learned how to live life, in abundance, to the full, until it overflows.     KP

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